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The Beginning

I’m starting a blog! I must admit that I never imagined myself uttering these words, primarily because I don’t consider myself an expert on any one subject. But, then I thought if I could learn something, and others could learn something through the contents of a blog, then it might be a worthwhile endeavor.

I’ve always loved stories, both writing them and reading them. I particularly enjoy fiction, and the way imagination can transport us on an adventure of the mind and a journey of the emotions. I’ve decided to use my blog to explore the writing process, the life of a writer, the inspiration behind a good story, and of course, the tellers of these stories. In addition to my own musings, I hope to interview authors, primarily those who are drawn to writing fiction, to better understand the imaginative journey behind their books, and all of the other inputs that go into creating such magical outputs. Whether you’re a writer or a reader, I hope you’ll be entertained and perhaps even learn something about your own story.

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