Q & A

Q: What inspired you to write I Know My Name Is Love?

A: My inspiration came from volunteering in a children’s hospital. I had seen pet therapy used for children awaiting surgery and was taken aback by the results. I found myself constantly amazed by the ability of a dog to completely shift the mood of a room and to calm and cheer even the most anxious patients.

Q: Why did you select a dog to be the narrator of the story?

A: I think dogs are great teachers of compassion and of seeing the best in others, because they hold no judgment.

Q: Are you an animal lover?

A: I am an animal lover, and I think pets can offer so much value to their human companions. They can be facilitators of both physical and emotional healing, because they exhibit unconditional love, and it’s nearly impossible to feel sad, fearful or anxious when you are in the presence of unconditional love.

Q: Does the book reflect your own personal values?

A: Yes, it very closely mirrors my own values. I believe that there is something extraordinary in every person, as well as unlimited potential.

Q: What’s a message that children can take from the story?

A: I hope children will be reminded that no matter what their own personal circumstances, or perceived outward imperfections, they possess great internal beauty. I also hope that Tilly’s journey will remind them of their own incredible value.